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Monday, 28 December 2015

Can We Use Indoor CCTV For Outdoor Use?

This is a controversial topic for both the customers and the sellers. It is something crucial to consider if you plan on installing
CCTV both indoors and outdoors. The answer to this question is yes. You can use indoor CCTV for outdoor use. But there are certain things you need to be aware before deciding on this.

Firstly, you want to be sure that the selected model of CCTV that you buy is compatible both at your home and your compound outside. There are several similarities between both CCTVs. They are normally similar styles and the features very similar with one another. But what makes the CCTV different is due to the factors it is placed at. Say for example, you are in a CCTV shop and do not know what is more suitable since you live in an apartment or a flat. Assuming that both the apartment and flat are almost the same style (a building has several tenants living in it and you are just across each other), it is okay to use an internal CCTV in the open. The reason behind this is because it is in a semi enclosed area, i.e. on your main entrance and back door. Location of the CCTV is entirely up to your decision.

Both the security cameras are making use of the famous electromagnetic spectrum which is called the infrared. The logic is simple. Infrared is almost the same as FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) that was made famous thanks to the television and in crime movies. The colors may range from garnish red to yellow or to green. These are very costly and has a very sensitive video sensor array. It can detect infrared emissions from any where the camera is pointed. Any warm living thing or objects giving off heat will provide an infrared. From there they made use of the infrared camera to create a CCTV that is more cost effective. They have an infrared sensitive video sensor almost the same as FLIR but it is a cheaper version. Besides that, it can reflect IR light so the in built in of LED. 

From this aspect, both home and outdoor CCTVs are the same. They provide clear pictures in low light conditions with the help of infrared and when there is a sudden transition in light, by its own mechanical, it can just as easily change the color of the images in a brighter color to enable visibility. It also stops a robber or a thief from targeting your house since it has a CCTV. Some people even install fake cameras to stop crimes from happening is quite effective due to us being a bit too familiar with this equipment, especially in our country, Singapore.

Next, what is different between the CCTVs are there are some external factors which contribute to the shape and price of each camera that specifically caters to withstand some scenarios. An outdoor CCTV is designed to be able to produce good quality video regardless of the weather. Additionally, since it is in the open, some hooligans might try to tamper with it. To counter that scenario, the CCTV is made with more durable materials such as metal which may be heavier to deter the changing of its original location. If your major concern is because of the recent rise in robbery at your area, we would suggest you to go with an outdoor CCTV.

In contrast, to the outdoor CCTV, those at home tend to be lighter and less nosy. Since it is for security purposes and not to stalk what your family members may be doing in private *ahem ahem*. We are quite sure you do not fancy the idea of your parents installing CCTV just to see if you do the chores or study at night. Imagine how awkward it will be if the CCTV is obtrusive instead or worse the type of CCTV that follows your every move? It makes you feel like you are in a jail instead of a house and every step you take is not done freely but is not your carefree self’. No, this goes against the idea of CCTV. CCTV was created to provide security for all of us and not make us feel insecure at our own home. So, this is an instance for you to use indoor CCTV at your home to increase the safety of your beloved household. 

In conclusion, can you use indoor CCTV in the open? The answer is yes though you need to judge your scenario first; namely is it really a necessity for you? If the answer is a positive, you should scout and do your own research to find an affordable security camera of your liking. Be sure to ask your family members for their opinion first before buying it in an impulse. We hope this settle the question that has been debated heatedly once and for all.  

Friday, 27 November 2015

5 Tips on CCTV Placement For Home

Knowing how to correctly place CCTV in your home is important in order to achieve benefits that come with surveillance cameras. Placing CCTV cameras in the wrong position and areas is as good as not having them at all. Professional CCTV installers should be able to advice their clients on the best way to place CCTV cameras. This is the reason why the job of CCTV camera installation should be given to professionals who know how to do it best.

The following are 5 tips on CCTV placement for home to achieve maximum benefits:

Cover all the entrances
This is one of the most basic concept for home CCTV placement. It involves placing cameras on all sections of the home with an entrance. This is because the main work of CCTV cameras is to monitor all areas where intruders may use to access your home. The number of cameras will depend on the number of entrances your home has. The more the entrances the more the cameras. At least four cameras are used for standard home surveillance. This involves placing a camera on the front door, back door, garage door and other is a bonus camera depending on your home.

Covering all entrances is important because one way intruders use in accessing your home is using the entrances. The cameras placed in the entry points should be placed on the sides as opposed to directly in front of the door. This is to ensure that the person accessing the door does not block your view. To increase your viewing areas you can also use the outdoor cameras as back up for seeing your entrance. This will ensure that your view to your entrance is maximized and in case entrance cameras are blocked, outdoor cameras supplement.

Cover maximum distance with outdoor cameras
The power of outdoor cameras depend on the distance covered. They cover different areas and perimeters depending on the size of your compound or yard. For instance if your driveway is 40 ft. long, a camera covering 25 ft. will not be useful because you won’t be able to see the whole area up to the gate. Infrared cameras are recommended for outdoor cameras because they are more powerful and have their independent source of lighting.

Remember the outside areas of your home that have valuables and place cameras to monitor those areas. A good example is your outdoor air conditioner. This is a valuable that is attractive to thieves looking for copper wires. Consider placing an armored camera to cover this area of your home. Consider also covering the bushy areas around your windows. Most homes tend to have small flower gardens around the windows. Bushes and shrubs are used by thieves as a hiding place. The solution is placing cameras around these areas to monitor and view the area in case of anything. Before placing outdoor cameras consider the areas you would like to see and the areas susceptible to intruders.

Indoor cameras
Indoor cameras offer a great addition to home security. They are mainly used to monitor various areas of your home especially different rooms when you are away. These cameras come in different options but most interior cameras are small and unidentifiable. This is why they can be placed in any part of the room without anyone noticing they exist. These cameras are suitable for people who spent many hours away from home leaving baby sitters and nannies to take care of their home. These cameras make it possible to monitor activities around your home even when you are away.

Most indoor cameras have a memory chip that enables you to view activities that took place while you are away. The storage space will depend on an individual camera so this is may vary from one camera to another. Other indoor cameras offer you an option to view the activities going on over the internet. This means that you can watch what is going on around your home from any place with internet access.

Positioning of cameras
Many people prefer hiding their cameras keeping in mind vandalism is common and people might try getting rid of cameras. Technologically advancement has made it possible to find cameras that can be easily under the ceiling holes making it impossible for anyone to see them. People always feel safe when the camera is well hidden from thieves and burglars.

Positioning is important for CCTV cameras because apart from making them unidentifiable, they are sheltered from harsh weather elements. For instance cameras should be well protected from rain and excessive sunlight. These are external factors that are likely to interfere with the normal working of the cameras.

Cabling is another aspect of CCTV cameras that is greatly influenced by positioning. Cameras that are well hidden between walls and ceiling allow easy cabling. There is no point in installing good and quality cameras even the cabling system is seen by everyone. Cabling that is well hidden also boost the security of your home. This is because interfering with cabling system compromises the working of cameras.

For CCTV cameras to work efficiently there must be proper lighting otherwise you will not be able to view anything. The cameras should be placed in areas that are well lit to allow clear viewing. Cameras with infra-red lighting do not need lighting to allow viewing so you should consider the type of camera that you need for your home. Consider infrared cameras for dark areas because they don’t need lighting and consider normal cameras for areas that have adequate lighting because they require lighting in order to function well.

Camera placement is not a task that can be done by anyone. Professionals need to assess your home to determine the specific area where cameras will be placed. People who are trained and experienced on CCTV cameras are in a position to assess your home, make recommendations and determine placement of cameras on different areas. Placing cameras in the right manner is helpful in improving efficiency of your home security system

Sunday, 25 October 2015

7 Reasons To Install High Definition CCTV Cameras

Do you always feel unsafe? Are you tired of the fact that theft is there to stay unless you do something? If you are one of the Housing and development Boards apartment’s tenants in Singapore, then the high definition, HD camera should at the top of your budget list when it comes to security. We can agree that theft and crime in Singapore have increased in the previous years. As a result forced both owners and renters of Singapore's Housing and development Board apartments to install CCTV cameras, to reduce this treacherous plague eating Singapore’s security away. The question is, should you just go for any, camera? My answer would be NO, why? Because with a low-quality camera, you are safe to a certain percentage. It would be wiser to go for high definition, Cameras and below are the reasons why.


High definition, Cameras proves quite efficient when it comes to crime management, ensuring safer working environments, a source of evidence and last but not least your unpaid guard at all times. The main reasons high definition, Cameras are considered to be the best is that they capture clear images and videos. They work best despite the change in light intensity, and you can access them from anywhere and lastly they prove to be quite efficient when it comes to time and speed. To be able to appreciate the purpose of high definition, Cameras, let us take a look at some of its salient features that makes it stand out.

Your security camera might be worthless if the resolution is low. Reason being is that it will capture unclear images especially when the target was rushing. As a result, you won't be able to define the real face of the person in the picture captured. Why is this a concern? The main purpose of a surveillance camera is to capture precisely the face of a criminal. Most of the time, criminals come in the building with masks. Sometimes they wear headgears that make it hard to identify their faces. With high definition, HD camera, chances of capturing most of the features that defines their real faces are great. Higher resolution makes it easier to capture a criminal's face. In summary, high definition is more accurate compared to some surveillance cameras with low resolution in the market.

There are some cases where the criminal’s entering a building are distanced from the camera. As a result, it is hard to identify features that define their faces due camera's limited area coverage, an element that defines most standard camera's lenses. High definition. Cameras offers a wider area coverage meaning that it can capture all the face features clearly despite the distance from the camera. Wide area coverage is also necessary in cases where we encounter criminals who are concerned with the camera in the building. Since the camera is efficient despite the distance, chances that, criminals will see it and destroy it is limited. It is also important to monitoring workers working in a big hall since it will capture all the details required.

Most of the time you won't be at work. You will need to travel, go for lunch or spend most of the time away from your business. You will leave your house when going to work. With high definition, HD camera, you can be able to access the activities in your home while you are away. You can synchronize your PC, tablet or phone with your high definition, HD camera making it easier for you to have access to your premises when are far away. You don't need to sit down or hire someone to monitor your camera. You can do it anywhere. In your car or a hotel. Most standard cameras don't have this feature making the high definition, HD camera a number one choice when it comes to securing your premises.

In capturing crimes and providing enough evidence required in courts on theft, time is vital. Reason being is that a criminal may win the case especially when the time recorded by your camera differs with the time the crime happen. Unlike most standard cameras, high definition cameras precisely match the time with the captured video. Time recording puts the criminal in a position that he/she cannot lie for example by saying he/she was in the cinemas when the crime was happening.

Sometimes, if you are looking for detailed pictures, videos might not be as efficient as snapshots. High definition, Cameras takes pictures when the camera detects unusual movements common with criminals. Automatic snapshots make it quite valuable especially in calculated crimes and where the criminal doesn't want to be captured by a surveillance camera. The snapshots are quick and hard to detect. It might be set in a batch mode so as to obtain enough pictures, especially when in need of sufficient evidence. In summary, high definition, Cameras are efficient when it comes to dealing with crimes.


There are some cases where lights may go off in a building and also maybe too bright. Sometimes the low light or high light intensity can be as a result of noon hours or evening hours. High definition, Cameras adjusts with the change in light intensity ensuring that clear and detailed images are captured as a remedy for crime. These images are very clear and sometimes it is hard to tell the exact time the crime happened. Clarity despite, light intensity makes the high definition, Cameras stand out compared to standard cameras.

High definition, Cameras are also known to capture very clear videos or pictures in total darkness, especially at night. Since most of the crimes work best at night due to low light, high definition, Cameras proves quite useful than standard cameras. This is as a result of having IR cameras with IR led at the outer edges of the lens. Clarity in the dark quite efficient and quite useful since criminals might not be able to see the cameras at night and hence proceed with the crime as the camera captures their activity precisely. High definition cameras are the best since light doesn't make part of its drawbacks. It captures clear videos and pictures at any time.

In summary, high definition, Cameras should be your number one choice when it comes to securing your home or premises compared to standard cameras. You can be your own invincible security guard, your own spy while you are away on a vacation or at work. If you are living in Singapore either in Housing and development Board apartments or outside you don't have a choice but to get yourself one. They are easy to install, most of them are durable and go for affordable prices. It is better to invest in something that will keep watch of your premises 24/7 than not spend on it and lose much more than its price. High definition, HD camera ensures you, your family, home, and premises is safe despite your location.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Door Access System For Office

Automatic doors today are the ideal solution to manage access routes in private or public areas, adding value to any building regardless of status: residential, commercial or professional.
These applications in all areas, from the classical automatic sliding doors at petrol stations, public institutions, restaurants, pharmacies, airports and hospitals to holiday accommodation.

The advantages of automatic doors:

Safety is guaranteed by the system panic;
comfort mode automatically operated by remote control or by sensors;
Stylish and modern;
They are ideal for easy access;
Hygienic protection of rooms;
thermal and acoustic insulation;
do not allow outside air to flow directly into the room;
Low noise when operating;
integrates easily into any architectural environment.

Automatic doors Sliding

Automatic sliding doors are suitable for any application for us both public and private. The modern design and technical solution are that they are all major access roads. For those who want comfort without complexity, automated sliding doors are the perfect solution because they are easy to use and install in a short time.

Automatic swing doors

Automatic swing doors are versatile and compact access any area. Multifunctional feature to allow easy installation and ideal for destinations such as health centers, hospitals or civil. Through their use will provide comfortable access in both directions. Automation can be done for one or two leaves.

Automatic revolving doors

Automatic revolving doors are suitable for all buildings used by the public, where prevail elegant design. They can be mounted both inside and outside and guarantees a high degree of safety, energy saving and elegance. The system can achieve a curved doors opening passage wider than flat sliding doors.

However, even with all these benefits in mind and pertaining to the modern infrastructure of Singapore, we can notice a number of mistakes which occur when installing these doors. These mistakes are often found when non-experts deal with the installation of doors, and can be fixed only if the instructions are followed appropriately.

We present you the 8 most common of these mistakes which are found when installing automated doors for office.

1. Not Installing surge protection.
We all advocate rise protection about all info lines and also reader converter cables, together with for plug- with electric power materials with every section. Understand that rise protectors need a great route to Globe Ground to work effectively. Even though almost nothing can certainly avoid destruction from the primary lightning strike, rise protectors can avoid destruction through neighborhood lightning strikes, that may disable the body only two.

2. Driving Doorway Strikes Along With Mag Tresses Via The Very Same Source Seeing That The Screen(or stand alone unit). 
Moves and also maglocks can certainly send voltage surges back again as a result of
the ability source in the accessibility management section, triggering signal destruction as well as info glitches. Buy different electric power materials for every single entrance locking product.

3. Definitely Not Getting Extras

For every single 10 entrance doors inside a process, many of us advocate having one particular management section PCBA and also two audience readily available, with scenario of an primary lightning strike as well as various other catastrophic dilemma. This will likely get the body back again on-line, with no awaiting tools to become bought and also mailed. This too lowers journeys back to this look for this installation technician

4. Applying The Drastically Wrong Cable Television.

Using Secura Critical, you can use garbled set of two cable such
seeing that CAT5 as well as CAT6 for RS-485 devices (from section to section as well as back to this PC). Wiegand devices (from reader to panel) needs non-twisted cable, including 6-cond guarded (the identical to for RS-232 connections). Technique set up guides can contact out the right cable for each software.

5. Zero Knowledge Along With Doorway Hardware
If you're informed about consumer electronics, application, alarm system programs, CCTV, along with reduced voltage tools, don’t suppose that one could skillfully set up a power punch, magazine locking mechanism as well as electrified lockset. You can also make a large number of your high priced commercial entrance body as well as entrance, should you have zero components set up experience. Any time with skepticism, subcontract a locksmith to handle the threshold components.

6. Zero Knowledge Along With Gadgets
If you're informed about entrance components, and many others, nevertheless unfamiliar with consumer electronics, application, and also reduced voltage tools, don’t make an effort to
bogus the right path through the set up. Any time with skepticism, subcontract the accessibility management installation technician to handle this electrical wiring, application set up and also any multilevel interfaces. In the event you
can’t locate the accessibility management installation technician, household automation as well as alarm system installers are likely to be
familiar with identical types of tools.

7. Getting Drastically Wrong Vistitors
If you're adding onto a pre-existing process, you will need to become 100% certain on the create, model and also portion variety of the present audience. Don’t
send producer as well as rep images on the reader, must be great deal
associated with diverse audience operate the identical cheap real estate. Visit the jobsite as well as get
someone with the jobsite to get a screwdriver, take away the reader through the
walls as well as mounting denture and also see the IDENTITY content label within this reader.
Acquire the many data, as well as firmware variations and also result platforms.

8. Getting Drastically Wrong Charge Cards.

If you're adding charge cards to a existing process, figuring out your data structure, facility code and also minute card IDENTITY Number range of the present charge cards is very important. The particular technological know-how (prox, contactless, Wiegand, magazine stripe, etc) and also model of the revolutionary charge cards must be identical as well as assured works with the present charge cards. The particular facility code on the new charge cards should complement the present kinds.

Although some people might programs allows you to mix diverse facility unique codes, this IDENTITY amounts of the revolutionary charge cards can't copy any one of the present IDENTITY volumes, and should definitely not go beyond top of the limit on the process (many programs only accept charge cards in place to 65535). In the event you produce a miscalculation while placing your order charge cards, many businesses is not going to get customized encoded charge cards back again,
consequently you might get caught using a few expensive charge cards.

These mistakes ought to be avoided in order for the doors to function well and provide desired results for the office.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015