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Saturday, 26 November 2016

How To Plan & Install CCTV For Offices

Are you thinking of installing cctv cameras for surveillance around your office? This is a good idea as you are set to enjoy a wide range of benefits including security alongside the fact that you will be able to monitor your staff. However, it is important for you to be knowledgeable on what you need to do before purchasing and installing cctv cameras for your office. 

At the workplace, a lot depends on security. If your staffs are to achieve organizational goals, they have to work with peace of mind. The only way that you can assure them of the safety of their lives and belongings is installing an extra set of eyes to keep watch over your company. Even if you have elaborate security systems such as guards and supervisors, cctv cameras will come in as an addition that will complement and boost the outcome of these systems.

The truth of the matter is that there are many tech companies that claim to offer cctv installation services. This has made many people (and companies) run into problems as a result of rushing to purchase cameras without doing prior research. For example, one big mistake is not finding out the type of camera that you need for your premises. Getting an inferior camera that will not function during night time is obviously a loss on your side. Why get a camera that only functions during the day? If you think about it, you are getting a raw deal.

So, below are some more tips on how to plan and install CCTV for offices. Check them out:

Carry out assessment
It is highly advisable that you carry out a meticulous and proper assessment of your premises. In fact, the only guarantee that you have a successful installation is only through undertaking a thorough assessment of the entire building. What is the total area of the building? Do you want the cameras to cover the entire building? How many entry and exit points exist and how can they be manned properly? If you can find the solutions to these questions, then you are probably doing your assessment right.

Through this assessment, you will be able to match the company’s needs to a budget. Depending on the prevailing circumstances, it may not be required that you install cctv cameras in the entire building. If your budget does not allow, you could select some critical areas and have these cameras fixed to mann those red spots.

Know the lighting requirements
Various parts of the office will have different lighting requirements. For cameras to work, you may be forced to upgrade or change the lighting of the entire building. An alternative to overhauling the office lighting is to install cameras that capture images even in dark conditions. Whereas it may seem like all alternatives are expensive, it is good to note that cameras are machines, and they do not work like the pair of human eyes. Due to the advancement in technology, you can get cameras that are sensitive to the amount of light and can adjust the shutter in accordance to the light of the environment. As such, you will be able to get high-quality footage from a single camera regardless of the time.

Always involve the professionals
It is understandable that you have the IT guy in your office, and so you let the department handle the actual installation of new cameras. This is not a good idea. Installation of cctv requires specialized personnel who are not only skilled but also experienced in this field. The market has availed simple cameras that are optimized for self-installation. Keep in mind that these are the same cameras that that are priced cheaply. It should not come as a shock to you, therefore, that these cameras can be manipulated later on by the people that it is supposed to monitor.

An expert in cctv installation will get the job done faster and in the right way. Experience in dealing with cctv means that the installer will be efficient. Further, the cameras will be placed in the right place so as to capture high-quality footage.

Assign the right individuals to monitor the footage
Failing to assign the right people to monitor the cctv cameras is one of the biggest mistakes that you can ever make. The footage that is captured by the cameras sometimes shows activities that require a keen eye to decipher what is going on. A skilled guy will see the intent of malice and take the necessary action to prevent losses to the company. Be sure to assign a team that works in shifts to monitor this footage so that you never miss a moment. Also, let people who can uphold integrity supervise the entire security department. What you see on the cameras can be appalling at times and someone can offer a bribe for you to get rid of a particular segment. People of high integrity will not be compromised.

Have a budget
Requirements will vary depending on the needs and the size of the company. The needs of a small company will not be the same as that of its larger counterpart. Seek the advice of the experts and let them give you an estimate of what fits and best suits your company. From here, you can discuss what you need to add and remove from the system so that you can harmonize the budget. Keeping a budget and documenting what you might need later on will go a long way to help make the process smooth. Additionally, you are less likely to leave out any important detail. You can also provide extra funds just in case a shortcoming arises.

Finally, be sure to ask for system upgrading options. New technologies and updates are rolled after a short period. Get to know from your installer if they can upgrade your systems at a reasonable fee. Check on particulars such as the warranty and guarantee. A good installer should give you free service and repair for at least three months. With the right cctv installed in your office, you can relax and shift the focus of your staffs to the core mandate of your company.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

CCTV Installation Guide for Beginners

CCTV systems are becoming quite common among many people today due to the need to enhance private property security. How an individual or an organization would prefer their CCTV cameras installed however differs. But the common thing is that, during the installation process one must know which camera goes where, which cable fits where and how to distinguish an interface from the other. The Installation of CCTV cameras is quite simple and does not need much of technical knowledge. When the CCTV installation is done in the right way, you will note that the cameras can serve you long enough and this saves you money and time. For that you need to be equipped with the basic tips that will guide you throughout the CCTV installation process.

CCTV Installation Guide

1) Choose the Best Locations for Your Cameras
The initial step to installing your CCTV security system should be choosing the best spots you would want to monitor. This is because it is not only expensive but also impossible to have everything monitored in your home. Important areas to consider should be the porches, baby crib, the stairways, large common spaces, front and back doors, off street windows and places where you keep your most valuable items.

2) Test Your Equipment before Installing
Once you have identified key spots where the installations are going to take place, it is important to test if every item is in a good position to work. Ensure the cables; the monitor and the digital video recorder (DVR) are all working by connecting them before installing any of them.

3) Mount Camera Stands
Before you mount the cameras, you should identify potential areas to have the cameras mounted. This is in terms of height and position. For instance, the best angle in a room is usually looking down from the corner where the ceiling meets the wall. If the camera is to be mounted outside; it should be placed 10ft above so it cannot be knocked down. When preparing to mount the camera stand to the wall use a sharp object or a pencil to mark the spots where the camera will be mounted, the stand should function as a template in the process. After marking the spots use an electric drill to mount the camera stand, careful not to drill wires that may be hidden behind the walls.

4) Plug In the Camera
After mounting your cameras it should be an easy task to plug in your cameras on their respective stands. You will notice that the cameras have power adapters, use them to plug your camera into a nearby power outlet. Ensure the plug is safe in both the back of your camera and the electrical outlet for a perfect and strong connection.

5) Adjust Camera
Once the cameras have been safely mounted onto the walls, it is important to make necessary adjustments to the camera’s position. Position your cameras in such a manner that they can give clear view of the area that you would like to keep an eye on. If they are outdoor cameras, ensure you clear tree limbs or any other items that might block your view. The camera should be clear to capture everything in details.

6) Set Up the Recording Device System
Once all the cameras have been properly positioned, it is time to set up the recording device and system. This is done by attaching the wired camera to the Digital Video Recorder. The connection is made simple by the use of a Bayonet Neill-Conceilman (BNC). Put one end into your cameras output and the other into one of the DVR input ports. However every recording device is different therefore it is important to read the manual so you don’t miss out on any important procedure to setting up a recording device system. Once you have set up the recording system, attach it to the monitoring system- still you will find the manual very useful.

7) Program Your System
After setting up the recording and the monitoring system, it is time to program the whole system to meet your needs. Ensure every device is properly plugged in and turn them on to start viewing the surveillance footage. You should be able to see the footage that your cameras are filming. If your system gives room to stream your surveillance footage online, make use of it. Program your system via the internet to enable you view your system’s file footage online from wherever you are. This will give you the advantage of watching your surveillance footage even when out of the country for a vacation.

8) Test Your System
Once you can view your surveillance footage and see all that you need from your cameras, you can now do the testing of the whole system. You can do this by examining what your cameras are doing best and what you did not achieve in the installation process. The test can also involve tinkering with the system and going throughout the manual a couple of times to properly master how the whole system works.

9) Make Necessary Adjustments
Once you have tested the system, you can now make necessary adjustments to areas you feel did not meet your needs. You can do this by adjusting the camera positions to get a better view of places you want to keep an eye on. Adjustments can go on and on even weeks after the installation especially if you used wireless cameras. This is because as you keep watching your surveillance footage you can notice areas that need adjustments; do not hesitate to do something as this will in the end give you the best out of your system.

And that is what you need to do when installing a CCTV camera system. You must be wondering what took you so long to get your security system installed, because as you can see everything is just so simple plus it does not cost much to have everything put in place, does it? If you are looking forward to making your first CCTV installation then you will find these tips very useful.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Installing Surveillance Cameras At Construction Sites

Security is the first priority nowadays. People are always vulnerable to losing their property as well as lives if they have not taken adequate measures of safeguarding themselves. Properties can be insured or got back, but lives once lost are not restored. Keeping this thing in mind, installing surveillance cameras at construction sites has become mandatory now.

Ther ere are various reasons why temporary surveillance cameras are installed at the construction sites. One of the reasons is that it facilitates the site managers and their construction team to manage many projects simultaneously. This can save a lot of time and money. But, the main reason is that people can be alerted if there is the slightest disturbance in the area. One can also put an eye over the workers with the help of these cameras. So, the productivity can also be enhanced.

Construction site theft is a very common problem, the project managers and the site owners face. Things like lumber, steel, copper wires and pipes are frequently stolen. This can be avoided to a great extent. People are getting used to multi tasking nowadays. As these videos can be accessed by multiple users at the same time, people can also participate in conference meetings, if anything has to be discussed about the site. There are often some unprecedented mishaps occurring in the construction sites. The reason behind them can also be found out with the help of these cameras. The workers feel a sense of safety as they know that the site is constantly being monitored.

Due to the above reasons, surveillance cameras are a must now. So, people in Singapore are installing SN2 cameras. People can install SN2 cameras to serve the desired purpose. Some advantages of preferring a SN2 surveillance camera to the DVRs and cables at the construction site are as follows:

With the help of this camera it becomes very easy to record, store and provide time lapse photography. It saves resources like time and money to a great extent.

- One does not have to buy the DVRs and therefore does not have to connect a camera to the DVR.
- There is no wire needed for getting access to the internet as the system is entirely wireless or needs cellular antennas.
- The camera can run without being provided with external power as it is entirely solar powered.
- The cloud storage service also makes it easy to access the VMS and manage the camera from any device.
- As the camera requires no wire, it can easily be moved from place to place. They can work under almost every situation.
- As the construction and the feature of the camera is quite strong, they are very much suitable for the construction sites.

The resolution which these cameras have is quite good. They offer a HD resolution of 720x480 video resolutions and choosing upto 5 mega pixels in still time lapse images.

The present day video surveillance technology in Singapore is quite advanced. It offers a wide range of options to the consumers both in terms of design and management. The modern IP based equipments have eliminated the use of wires. One can check in with the mobile apps which come absolutely free. The mobile and the remote monitoring features are quite beneficial to the users. Often temporary security towers are installed which are already mounted with cameras and lights. If a surveillance camera cannot be installed, then these watch towers are very useful. This actually ensures active monitoring as one can even talk to the criminals who may have entered the construction sites. Even police can be sent to the sites, so it reduces the spending on security guards. The perfect tools are combined with each other so that the best surveillance solution is provided. Most of the security companies in Singapore provide security towers with cameras in them and other equipments. They also provide live monitoring by trained professionals and thus provide the best security system meeting the budget requirements of all customers.

Before installing a camera at the construction site, some precautions have to be followed:

- Rain and water can cause great damage to the cameras. So, the cameras have to be water resistant as well have the capacity to resist attacks like debris brought by the wind.
- People may steal cameras also. So the cameras should be safely placed.
- The camera’s vision should be overlapping with another camera so that a better view can be had.
- The construction sites are full of cranes, lorries and other materials. These can harm the cameras, if it is not safely located. It should also be protected from heat, dust and cold.

Before a particular surveillance camera is chosen, certain essential things have to be kept in mind. Extensive research has to be done before choosing the ideal camera system. The following points have to be kept in mind:

The hours of operation for the camera: One has to determine for how many hours the camera will be needed and accordingly a durable set has to be chosen.

The mode of operation: The proper mode of operation has to be known as any mishandling will result in the failure of the system.

Technical support: A proper technical support should be available with the setup for its proper functioning.

A proper understanding of the way the camera works: The user has to be well aware of the way a camera works and accordingly use it.

Some steps have to be followed for ensuring proper installation of the camera. They are:

- A proper diagram has to be made at first so that one knows, where exactly he needs the cameras. Then the location has to be checked so that there is no blockage in that area.
- Only that setup should be bought which suits the needs.
- The camera should be attached to the DVR.
- The cameras should be linked to the computer for access from the main office.
- A construction security specialist should be called in so that one is ensured of not only a proper installation but also automatic emergency alert.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Ultimate Guide on Office CCTV Planning

Understanding how to properly install and place CCTV correctly in your office is vital. It will enable you achieve the various benefits that come along with installing surveillance cameras in your work place. Having your CCTV cameras placed wrongly beats the very logic of installing them in the first place as they will not be efficient at all. You should bring on board a team of CCTV professional installers to offer you advice on the best places to have these cameras placed. They will also be resourceful to consult on all areas during the CCTV planning phase. This is a clear indication that this is a job better placed in the hand of professional CCTV camera installers in order to get the job done in the best way possible. Below are some useful tips that you could follow when placing surveillance in your place of work to ensure that you reap the maximum benefits from them.

Ensure that they cover all Areas
Covering virtually all the areas of your office is one of the most basic concepts followed when placing CCTV cameras in any place. It is prudent to have the CCTV cameras placed on all the sections of the work area and especially the entrances. These are the most crucial areas to have your surveillance carried out as they are the most likely areas for intruders to access your workplace or to monitor the movement of your employees. The number of areas and entrances you will identify during your CCTV planning meeting with the professional installers that will need to have CCTV cameras installed will determine the number you will buy. The more they will be the more the cameras that would have to be purchased to ensure that all the critical areas are under maximum surveillance.

The surveillance cameras ought to be installed on the sides of any entry point as opposed to placing them directly on the entry point. This is to ensure that any person using these entry points does not block the view. You could also opt to increasing the viewing area you get from your cameras by using some outdoor CCTV cameras that will enable you to see your entry points from a backup. This will enable you to view anyone entering or leaving your workplace even if they disable or block your entrance cameras.

Type of cameras to use

During the CCTV planning phase, the professionals you hire will advise you on the two types of cameras available: the outdoor and indoor cameras. This will hugely depend on where your office is located. If it is located in a building where there are other offices then you will only need to install one outdoor camera to monitor the main entrance. If however, your workplace is located in an area that has several susceptible areas that intruders could use to gain access, then you would need several outdoor cameras. The distance that you want the camera to cover will also determine the kind of camera to buy. It is advisable to invest in a camera whose covering area is equal or more to the distance you want covered. This will ensure that you get a clear view of the whole area and ensure that you never miss a thing.

The best outdoor cameras to install are the infrared cameras since they are said to be more powerful and usually use an independent source for their lighting. If there are any dark corners or objects that can block your view, it is best to ensure that there is a camera positioned well to cover such areas. This will enable it to pick out anything that could be lurking in such corners to ensure you are safe.

The indoor cameras are the most obvious type used by most people to monitor their offices. They come in various options but they are always unidentifiable and small most of the time. These cameras enable you to see what happens in your place of work when you are away from it as well as monitor the employees especially if you are mostly away from work. They usually have a memory chip which enables you to view the activities that transpired in your work place when you were absent. There are also various other options that enable one to view what is happening in your office over the internet.

Camera Positioning

It is common to find most people hiding their CCTV cameras in order to keep them away from people who could destroy them. Advancements in technology have enabled the CCTV cameras to be concealed under ceiling holes thereby making them practically impossible to destroy. Positioning of these cameras is very important and forms part of the issues discussed during the CCTV planning stage. The professional surveillance camera installers will visit your office in order to carry out an onsite inspection and quotation. They will identify the best areas to position the cameras in order for them to operate at their optimal best. They will help you choose places where your cameras will be unidentifiable, well protected in order to shelter them away from excessive sunlight or rain in case they are to be placed outside. The professionals will do so having considered the cabling of these cameras which is also an important point to consider during CCTV camera installation.


Proper lighting is a prerequisite for surveillance cameras to work properly and efficiently. Cameras ought to be placed in areas that are lit well in order for them to permit clear viewing. If the areas to be viewed are dark then infrared-lighted cameras would be the best to install in such areas. These cameras do not need any other source of light and therefore would be the best to guarantee you the viewing of these darker areas. Normal CCTV cameras are usually great to be used in a normal environment like inside the office where the lighting conditions are adequate.

All the above are some of the useful tips to be considered when doing an office CCTV planning. This exercise is best left to the professional CCTV installers who understand this work better. They will be able to get you the best camera recommendations as well as their right placement areas. Doing all the above will ensure that your office security is greatly enhanced.

Monday, 18 July 2016

6 CCTV Camera Installation Tips

CCTV has today become essential security equipment for every location. It does not matter whether you are a business, a school or a homeowner; CCTV not only provides peace of mind but also deters unwanted elements away from your location. CCTV cameras are also useful for monitoring employees as well as monitoring people wandering around your business location. However, due to the explosion in the usage of CCTV cameras, a lot of CCTV installation companies have suddenly sprung up in Singapore to make a quick buck. Therefore, you need to be careful while selecting a CCTV installation company. In the article below, we will provide you with six tips to rightly install a CCTV camera.

Keep the Plan Ready
Before deciding to install the CCTV cameras, it is very important to plan the location of the cameras as well as the monitoring it is meant for. While choosing the location for the cameras, you need to consider the light conditions. The CCTV camera image quality will suffer in both low lights as well as too much bright light. In the case of low lighting, you will not get clear images and bright lights will add a glare to the images. In case, there are places which are always going to remain dark, one should think of installing infrared cameras or even black and white cameras.

Therefore, the quality of the CCTV camera will depending on the particular use it is required for. You will need different type of cameras for monitoring outside premises as bright sunlight will be an issue and different ones for indoors due to low availability of light.

While deciding on the plan, also check the placement of the cable which will carry the signal from the camera to the recorder and availability of power.

Deciding the Location
In addition to the availability of light, you also need to take into account the distance of the monitoring object from the camera. Experts recommend that a CCTV camera with the standard 3.6 mm lens is fine for a small room covering an area of 500 ft.² whereas you will need better lenses for bigger area. Therefore, if you need to cover a bigger area, you can choose to install multiple CCTV cameras to cover the location or a single CCTV camera with different focal length of the lens to cover the complete area.

It is important to be aware of the fact that the most time-consuming part of a CCTV camera installation system is the wiring. It is also the aspect which is usually overlooked by the buyers as well as the installers. It is important to minimize the length of the cables to ensure that you always get good quality video signal. Also, it is recommended to keep a space of at least 12 inches between the power line and the video cable as the magnetic field generated by the power line may interfere with the video signal. It is advised to invest in a good quality video cable and use cable lengths below 400 feet. You need to keep in mind that the quality of video will depend not only on the camera lens but also on the wires.

Even though most of the CCTV cameras come with their own mounting bracket and screws, there are times when one may need to invest in different brackets than the ones supplied with the camera. You will always find some locations where the standard brackets supplied with the camera may not work. Using the supplied bracket where it may not fit is not going to give you good quality video. Therefore, if you come across a location where the standard bracket does not work, always invest in an aftermarket bracket to mount the camera securely.

Strategic Placement
If you notice carefully, you will be able to find many CCTV installations where multiple cameras cover the same location. It is nothing but a waste of money. To avoid wastage of money for buying extra cameras, it is recommended to locate strategic places to install the CCTV cameras so that there is no overlapping view.

Connection to Monitors
Once you have successfully installed the CCTV cameras, it is time to make the connection to the monitor. The location of the monitor should be such that it is away from prying eyes and always available to the security personnel. Therefore, it is recommended to have a dedicated separate place for the monitors.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

What Are The Common Type Of CCTV?

There are many people who want to install the best CCTV camera for themselves. This camera can help you improve the security feature in your property, such as apartment, office building, HDB unit, home, and many other properties. You are able to find any types of cameras that are available today. When you plan to select the best device for yourself, you need to compare some available units now. 

This article is going to discuss about some common types of CCTV in Singapore today. These cameras are very popular among many people who want to have good security in their properties.

1. Bullet CCTV
It is one of the most common types of CCTV units on the market these days. This camera is usually installed for indoor use. This bullet camera is very well-known for its simplicity, so installing this device at anytime you need easily. It comes with thin cylindrical shape that has similar shape as the regular bullet. This camera is created to capture image or video from a fixed area. To monitor your specific area with the best CCTV system, you can consider using this CCTV camera for monitoring your fixed area easily and steadily.

2. Dome camera
This is another popular camera that is available in Singapore. This camera is very popular for its dome shaped housing. This shape is very useful to make the camera unobtrusive. This camera is visible for all users, but it doesn't reduce the overall appearance and look of your interior design. Some dome units also have ability to spin the camera quickly. These units are commonly known as the speed domes. Dome camera is very useful to help you monitor any activities in your property. It is commonly used in any commercial or business areas, such as retailers, office space, and many other properties.

3. Hidden camera
This camera is also called as discreet camera. You can use this system for monitoring any activities on the specific area without showing the physical camera. This covert camera is very useful to be installed in any commercial areas. You can attach camera of these kind in several accessories, such as smoke detector, clock, and many other items. This camera usually comes in small and portable size, so you are able to place this hidden camera on any places easily. Some hidden CCTV units come with motion sensor, so they can be turned on and turned off automatically.

4. Infrared camera
There are many people who want to use this camera. This camera allows you to monitor your property at nighttime. This device is equipped with high quality infrared system, so you can record any videos or images at night time. Its infrared system is very useful to provide good vision on this unit. This camera is commonly used for protecting your commercial areas from any invaders on the night time. When you buy this unit, you should compare some available products for comparing their infrared intensity feature. By comparing all available products, you can locate the right device for yourself easily.

5. Weatherproof camera
Another recommended CCTV system that you can install in your property. You can simply use this camera for outdoor use, so you are able to monitor any activities on the property easily. This weatherproof unit is usually made from durable material. It can last for a few years without having to suffer from any problems. This unit is able to resist against extreme sun rays and also rain in Singapore. You will never have to worry about the quality of this camera when you are using this CCTV system outside.

When monitoring your property at anytime you need, you can consider using the Internet Protocol (IP) camera. This unit is very useful to help you monitor your property easily. You can simply connect this device with your application via Internet. This application should be available in any mobile devices, such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, and many other devices. As long as you can open your app, you should be able to take a look at the recorded video from this IP CCTV system. This system can provide flexibility and ease for all users.

7. High Definition Camera
This is another popular CCTV unit that is available in Singapore now. This high definition system allows you to provide good clarity of your image and video. Therefore, this unit is commonly used in certain markets, for example casino, schools, universities, and many other popular places in Singapore. You can simply monitor all activities on specific areas by using this powerful camera. This unit can be connected to your monitoring device via its special HD CCTV cable system. This cable allows you to transmit high definition (HD) videos and images for all customers easily without any problems.

8. Wireless CCTV system
To save a lot of time and energy for installing your CCTV unit, you should take a look at this important tip. It is a great idea for you to use this wireless CCTV unit in your property. This unit usually works by using its wireless connectivity system, for example Bluetooth, Internet connection, and many other popular wireless connections. It is very easy to install this unit on your property. You can simply setup everything before you connect this device to its decoder or recording device via wireless connection easily.

You can find any types of CCTV cameras that are available on the marketplace nowadays. It is important for you to select the best device that has a lot of great features and advantages for all customers. After you find your favorite device, you need to learn about how you are able to install your favorite camera. Installing the best camera in your property will be able to assist you to monitor all activities in your property easily. You can also improve the overall security of your property effectively without having any problems. Don't forget to do some maintenance procedures, in order to improve the durability of your CCTV camera.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Pros & Cons On Installing An IP Camera


When you want to monitor any activities that may occur around your properties, such as home, office, or apartment, you should buy the best cameras for supporting your needs. You can find any types of cameras that are available today. IP (Internet Protocol) camera can be a great item that you can install in your home. There are many great features that are offered by this camera. Before you buy the best unit for yourself, you can keep reading some pros and cons from installing an IP camera around yourself today. Here are some factors that you have to consider when installing IP camera on your property.


1. Easy to store the recorded video
This is the most important benefit from this camera. When you use this camera, you should be able to store your recorded video on the server easily. All recorded video files are going to be recorded on the server, so you can get access to any videos in the future easily. This feature is very useful to help you store all necessary video files on the server from your IP camera securely. Make sure that you choose the best IP camera provider, in order to store all of your important files or videos on the best company's server.

2. Easy installation
It is very easy for you to learn about how to install this IP camera on your property. This camera doesn't have any complicated installation procedures, so you can save a lot of time and effort for installing this type of camera. Most reliable cameras also come with clear instructions from their owner's manuals. The wiring and installation process doesn't take a lot of your valuable time and effort. If you want to install complete IP camera system in your property, you may only take a few days to complete the installation process easily.

3. Easy to get connected with other devices
This is another good benefit that you can get from the best IP camera that is available on the market now. When you use a good IP camera, you should be able to get access to your camera easily. You are able to connect this camera with other units, such as laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and many other popular devices. You don't need to spend a lot of time for figuring out about how to get access to your IP camera from your mobile devices. You can simply install certain applications on your mobile devices, so you can monitor your property easily.

4. Can be extended easily
This is another good reason why you need to consider buying the best IP camera for yourself. It is a great idea for you to use this type of camera, especially if you want to monitor all areas in your property today. You should be able to add several IP cameras on your property without adding a lot of additional network video recorders. This feature is very useful to simplify the installation process inside your property today. However, you still need to discuss with professional IP camera sellers, in order to ensure the compatibility of any new IP cameras with your recorder.

5. Affordable products
When you look on the Internet, you can find any types of IP cameras that are available today. Most products are offered at very affordable price. Because of this reason, you should be able to install several cameras at the same time. Most IP cameras are usually more affordable than any other traditional analog cameras. You can also find a lot of different brands that are available today, so you can select the right IP camera that is good for your own needs.


1. Requires more bandwidth
This is one of the most popular disadvantages from using a good IP camera. This type of camera usually requires more bandwidth than any other analog cameras that are available today. Because of this reason, you have to be careful with the Internet quota calculation on your property. If you have quota-based data plan inside your property, you should consider this as an important factor. It is very important for you to calculate the amount of Internet quota that you have in your plan, so you will never have to spend a lot of money for using this IP camera.

2. High risk of security breach
This is another concern that people usually have about this IP camera. This IP camera is connected to the server from the manufacturer. Therefore, it can increase the risk of security breach when you use this IP camera. If you want to reduce this risk, you need to buy the best IP camera from reputable company. You should compare all available companies before you decide to select the best IP camera manufacturer for supporting your own needs now. Make sure that you learn about how you can improve the overall security system in your home today.

3. Some complicated accessories
Some people complain about this factor, especially when they want to purchase the best IP camera for themselves. Most IP cameras usually require some additional accessories that are good for supporting their performance. There are some important items that you should buy from the market, for example wireless connector, video recorder, monitor, transmitter, and many other important accessories. It can be complicated for some people, especially who don't have a lot of experience in installing the best IP camera on their properties these days. However, you should never worry about getting this problem when you buy the best IP camera from reputable company.

There are many other pros and cons about installing IP camera in your property. You can find a lot of types of devices that are available on the market. Make sure that you compare all available products, so you can compare all available cameras that come with their own features or benefits. Installing IP camera in your property can help you improve the overall security inside your property significantly. Don't forget to hire the best IP camera installation service in Singapore, so you can save your valuable time and effort in installing this camera today.

Friday, 8 April 2016

What Is PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV?

PTZ cameras are there in CCTV systems from a really long time and people have been using it at various places. But now things changed and now old style PTZ comers are being replaced by PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV systems. In case, you are not aware about PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV, it is a smart CCTV monitoring system that does everything that a point tilt or zoom camera can do, but it does the same thing in a very smart manner. This can enhance the monitoring or surveillance of the place by CCTV system in a really amazing manner. Here, I am going to talk about some of the qualities of PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV and it can help you understand what this is and what kind of benefits you can have with this particular CCTV system in your premises.Smart tracking: The best thing about PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV is a system that does the smart tracking of vehicles or people.

You can set a particular place or area and if anything or anyone comes in that range, then it will start tracking it and it will keep tracking as per its previous setting. You don’t have to do any kind of intervention in it, nor you have to worry about the manual tracking. This smart tracking feature makes sure no one can pass that particular area without getting into the video feed of that camera.

Better picture quality: Another notable thing about PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV you get better picture quality with it. Since, it is a point tilt and zoom camera, so it can zoom on any object that comes in its range and it can automatically check things and record pictures accordingly. Also it comes with smart software so it can identify a human or vehicle and it can capture important features while following a person or vehicle. If it is a car, then it can capture the number plate while if it is a person, its facial detection software will detect the face and it will capture the picture as well by zooming it.

Activates with motion: Motion activation is another quality that you get with PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV system. Since it gets activated by motion so you can install it to secure those places where people are not allowed to visit. Also, you can use it at those places where you don’t want to see people after working hours are over. For example, in a bank, guards can stay at front door, but they are not allowed to move to the inner vault area or some other places in night. Same could be the case in many other commercial buildings as well.

So, if we say you can install it at all the important or crucial places then there is nothing wrong in that Perfect for special attention: At some places you need to provide special attention. These places can include bank vaults, empty office building in night, hotel corridors, schools after school hours and similar other places. In these places, you would not want to see any person or any vehicles once time is over and only guards are allowed to stay there. If other people come closer to that area, then it shall start shooting and people will get captured in the PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV.

Easy to set time: In some places you don’t want to track people in day time, because of the heavy traffic, but in night time, you may need to record everyone or everything. If that is the case, then you will have to configure time in your system or you need to turn it on or off manually at that time. If you choose PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV, then you don’t have worry about this as well. You can actually set the time and you can stay worry free for same. In day time, it will remain still camera and you can manually move it like other PTZ camera, but as soon as that fixed time is crossed, it will start working on autonomous mode. After that it will do the tracking it and will do everything else that I shared above with you.

Can track a target: Tracking a target is one of the most amazing qualities that comes with PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV system. If any target comes in its range, then it will start targeting that particular object or subject. Also, it will keep targeting the person or object as long as that will remain in its range. So, this is certain that your PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV will be able to record almost every move or action taken by that particular entity. It will also help you do your security in a much better way.

Remotely accessible: Old style PTZ cameras were not very user friendly, but now a days if you have PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV, then you can access it remotely. In fact you can access it on your smartphone as well, considered you configure things correctly. Also, you can get alerts in some condition if you set it accordingly. For example, you don’t want to have the entry of any person at a particular location, but if your PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV detects a motion there. In that situation, it can keep recording and it can silently send an alert to you. After that you can see if that particular alert is a threat or something else. If it was a threat, then you can contact the responsible person without any delay and you can have better protection.

There are several other things as well that a PTZ Smart Tracking CCTV can do for you. In case, you want to know more about that, then you can do more research or you can simply contact a person that can install it for you. That person or agency will give more detailed information to you and then you can take your decision for installing it in your home, office or other place in a more confident and reliable manner.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

When you should install Facial Recognition CCTV?

Singapore is one of the most beautiful cities to live, and many people all around the world love are coming here to build their career. The city is getting advanced day by day, and it has created mixed impacts in the lives of Singaporeans. The rate of crime and burglary has also took a new leap in the recent days, and this is slowly turning out to be the worst night mare for home and business owners. One of the best ways by which you can combat theft issues and crimes is by installing CCTV cameras in your compounds.

In the earlier days, people used to install CCTV cameras of low quality which will offer more pixels than image. But now, things have changed a lot, and with the introduction of facial recognition technology in CCTV cameras, this arena has seen the heights of advancement. This article will discuss some of the most common factors which will compel you to install CCTV cameras in your compound.

CCTV for busy home owners: Most of the home owners in Singapore are busy individuals, and they will be having a tight schedule in the day time. You should understand that it is not at all possible to keep an eye on your home throughout the day; no matter how hard you try. The vitality of CCTV cameras comes into picture at this juncture. Installation of high quality Facial recognition CCTV cameras will make sure that nobody is trying to loot the properties from your home.So, if you are a busy home owner, then do not hesitate to install Facial Recognition CCTV in your home.

A better aid than a security guard: As we have discussed earlier, thefts and robberies are quite common even in this modern world. The most common thing done by home owners to combat theft is employing a security guard in the doorsteps. But, Are you sure that the security guard will not plot any move on you? Will he be awake throughout the night? At this juncture, we can come to a conclusion that it is not wise to trust human help for 100% surveillance. To make your protection more secure, it is always recommended to install top rated CCTV cameras with facial recognition, so that you can keep a track on each and every moves around your home.

Avoid strangers roaming around your home: In the night, anti social elements used to roam around through the streets, and they have the habit of even damaging the glasses of houses. If you have a CCTV camera installed, you can easily monitor the activities outside the home, and it allows you to intimate the Police in times of emergency. So, if you are a married woman who is living alone in the home with your kid, then the best way to secure yourself is by installing high quality face recognition CCTV cameras around your home. It will give you that extra sense of security which will help you sit back and relax without any hesitation.

Go for vacation with full peace of mind: Many people are hesitant to go for vacations, as they are very much concerned about the safety of their home. Sometimes, you will be a continuously traveling businessman, and you will be compelled to move to different places regularly for professional needs. In all these cases, installing CCTV will fetch benign results to the safety of your home. Sometimes, you will be leaving your home keeping your children under the aid of nannies. As we are hearing umpteen numbers of stories regarding nanny crimes, installing CCTV will help you overcome this threat as well.

Negative psychological Impact in the minds of criminals: If your home, compound or office are completely installed with CCTV cameras, then it will surely create a negative psychological impact on criminals, and they will not dare to touch your property. Even if they enter your property, with the help of facial recognition CCTV cameras, you can easily find them and can take them to law. To get high quality visuals, make sure that the lenses you are choosing are impeccable in nature, and the camera is from a top notch Singapore company.

A strong business tool: This is one of the unknown benefits of CCTV which nobody is aware of. For example, if you have installed CCTV in your business place, you will get the exact number of customers who enter your shop or office. This will give you a better understanding about the growth of your business.

Tips to make the best out of your CCTV

Scroll down to read some of the most noted tips you can follow to reap the best from your CCTV.

If you have installed CCTV in your office premises, the respective person in charge will be monitoring it only during week days, that too from 09.00 AM - 06.00 PM. What about the other times? There are umpteen numbers of solutions to overcome this problem. Remote CCTV software applications are available in the modern market, and it allows you to access the camera through your smartphone or home computer. Nowadays, monitoring companies are also there around us, and once you have given an assignment to them, they will do the needful.

Many people used to compromise quality for price, and this is one of the worst decision they can make. You should first understand that installing CCTV is like an extra lock given to your wealth, and it will not be a good thing if you are compromising on the cost of these protective devices. High quality CCTV cameras will give you more clearer pictures, and thus you can monitor anything and everything which is happening around you with ease.

You should be very careful while fixing the areas in which you should install the cameras. Obviously, you should install one in the entrance and exit. The remaining areas, you should choose as per the vitality of areas. It is always recommended to install one in toilet corridors.

All the benefits mentioned above play their crucial roles in enhancing the popularity of CCTV cameras in Singapore homes and offices.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Why Hire Us As Your Intercom System Supplier in Singapore?

In this modern and fast society, security should be the first concern while planning to construct or rent both residential and commercial premises. In fact, people of Singapore generally give the highest priority to the security factors to protect their families and offices from any unusual and unpredicted incidents. But how can you protect your family from such incidents and what are the best ways to keep your home and office premises safe and secure?

In this advanced and developed world, you can get a thousand options to ensure the safety and security of your family and workplace. One of the best options is the installation of the intercom system. By installing an intercom system, you will be able to check your visitors before allowing them to enter into your premises. There are many benefits of the installing an intercom system. If your house is a big one, you can contact the members by this system.

It is not difficult to find a good and experienced intercom service in the Singapore. You can get wide options for your purpose. But you need to do a little research to get the best quality and durable service. You can choose us to install intercom services for your home and office premises. We have experience in this industry and we try our best to provide utmost security to our customers. We have a good reputation in Singapore. You can choose us to get a good and insured service. You should consider the following reasons for hiring us to protect your family and office places.

Why should you hire us?

First of all, we are experienced and our staff members are capable of offering the best quality service. We are insured. We always take care of the interests of our customers. Most of our customers have expressed their satisfaction on our services and we respect the customer’s opinions and utilize them to improve our services. Some of other benefits of our services are given below.

• Skilled and Experienced Service
Experience is one of the prime requirements to get quality and durable results. And the best thing about our service is that we are experienced and we are in this industry for many years. Currently, we are considered as one of the leading companies for installing an intercom system in Singapore. Moreover, we have the required skill and capability to offer you the best service. Our technicians have adequate skill and knowledge to ensure that our customers have received a good system with quality results. They have all the required equipment to ensure a safe and durable intercom installation.

• Modern and Advanced Technology
As we have experience in this industry, we understand both the negative and positive aspects of the installation. We use modern and advanced technology in installation to ensure that the process is safe and less time taking. Our installation process is secure and durable. Proper installation is important if you want quality and lasting results and only a reputed company can offer you this service. We are proud to claim that we have this ability and we can offer you the best service according to your requirements.

• Wide Options
You will get wide options to choose the best product for your purpose. We have products from different brands. We understand the requirements of different customers. So, you can get products in a variety of price ranges and can get the one that comes within your budget. The best thing about our service is that we have an option for everyone. Moreover, we never compromise the quality of the products. Hence, you can get a good product within your price range.

• Fully Equipped
Our team is fully equipped. They will take care of everything. You only need to hire us and to choose the brand for your home or workplace. And the other things will be taken care of by our staff. We are competent and respect the time and money of our customers. Hence, we will be available in your preferred time and finish the work in the given timeframe without bothering you a little. Our team is fully equipped and they can accomplish the task without any complication.

• Competitive and Affordable
Our prices are affordable and competitive. As mentioned above, we have products of different brands and it can serve the interests of the different categories of the customers. We offer the best service in an affordable and competitive price in this industry. Moreover, you can get the best installation for any brands and that will ultimately offer you a lasting result. In the case of inconvenience, we are always there for your help. Our experienced team members can help you with valuable advice and suggestions and even while choosing a right brand.

• Quality Materials
In addition to that, we use high-quality materials that eventually ensure the durability of the products. So, you can use these products for a longer time without any complication. Our customers have expressed satisfaction over the quality of our materials. We have a good reputation in this industry and our first priority is to offer quality products to our customers.

• Licensed and Insured
We are licensed and insured. And the good thing about licensed and insured companies is that they are reliable and they can offer you the best service. You can also claim for money in case of any loss as the result of the negligence of their services. There are many other benefits of hiring insured and licensed companies. First of all, they are transparent, they have a definite set of rules and they are very particular about their services. We are insured and we offer all the above benefits.

You can choose us to get all the above benefits. We can offer you wide options with a variety of price ranges. Moreover, our service is reliable and offers lasting and durable results. You can contact us to get a good intercom system for your home and office in Singapore. In fact, you can also contact us to know more about our services, benefits, prices, and available products. We will be pleased to offer you all the valuable and required information.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Why Choose Us to Supply and Install Card Access System in Singapore

Card access system is very important to improve the overall security system in your property now. Therefore, you need to find out about you can install this system properly. There are some professional companies who know how to give the best installation service for customers. However, you have to be careful with some bad companies who cannot install the best card system in your property. SG CCTV is ready to assist you in installing your favorite security system in your property easily. Keep reading this article, in order to learn how our company can provide the best card system in this country now.

1. High quality products
This is the most important benefit that we would like to give the best service for customers in Singapore. We have several types of units that are made from premium materials. You can choose one of the most popular security systems that you can find from our store now. We always update our stocks regularly, in order to give great quality systems for Singaporean customers. You can get several of the latest units that can be found in our store now. It is the best time for you to select and choose the best system that is good for your needs.

2. Free onsite quotation
This is another great advantage that we need to give and offer for our customers. We would like to provide free quote for customers nowadays. This free quote can include all details about our card access installation service now. You would like to be able to manage your own budget easily when you start using our quotation. This quote is available for clients for free. It means that you don't have to spend your own valuable money before you start installing your favorite card access technology for your property. This feature is very great to help you avoid any expensive products on the market nowadays.

3. Flexible schedule
Many people are interested in using our professional service because of this benefit. We want to offer flexible schedule for all customers. We are ready to 24 hours a day, in order to deliver the best card access installation service for any customers. This 24 hour service is useful to give the best service for our customers. We understand that many customers in Singapore are busy with their daily activities. Before you hire our professional card access installation service, you can choose your favorite schedule based on your daily activities.

4. Affordable rate
You don't need to spend your money when you would like to have your favorite card access system in your property. We understand that most customers always want to save their money for installing their favorite card system. Therefore, we would like to give high quality products and services at very affordable price. Our company can also provide some additional discounts or deals for all customers, in order to help you save a lot of money for getting our high quality card access application in your property. Don't forget to call our customer agents or representatives, in order to ask about our available deals or discounts.

5. Reputable company

When you would like to select the best security system provider for yourself, you need to look at the reputation of some popular companies. Our company also receives many good reviews from our customers. When you look on any resources on Internet, you can find some positive testimonials or reviews about our clients. Most clients from our store feel happy with our professional security system installation service now. You can rely on the overall service quality from our company. Our good reputation can ensure that you can hire good service quality from our reliable security system company now.

6. Quick services
This is another interesting reason why you need to choose our company now. We know that most customers don't have spare time for installing and using the best alarm or security system in their properties. We want to give the best card access installation service at very best condition. We want to give this service at our best effort. Therefore, we are ready to provide quick installation service for any customers. In most cases, we only spend about a few hours to have the greatest card access and security system in your property. Therefore, you can still do any of your activities everyday.

7. Satisfaction guaranteed
This great warranty can be useful to provide maximum protection for any customers. It is recommended for you to choose our company, especially if you would like to buy the best card access for your property. We provide full warranty for all customers now. This satisfaction warranty can be beneficial to help you achieve the best products at the best condition. If you don't feel happy with the overall quality of our professional card systems, you can contact us immediately. We can help you fix any issues that may occur on your card access and security system in your home quickly.

8. Easy maintenance
This is an interesting reason why you would like to select our card access installation service company now. You don't need to spend your time for learning about taking care and maintaining the quality of our card access and security system in your property. We can give some useful maintenance tips for all customers. Therefore, you should start using your security system for a long time without getting any problems. You can get a lot of benefits from your favorite security system in your property, especially when you start using our professional security system installation service now.

There are many other benefits and advantages that we would like to give to any customers. Because of these benefits, many people are interested in using our professional service. We also update our collections, in order to offer or give the best service and flexible options for any customers. If you would like to install great card access technology in your property, you can start looking at our professional service now. You can call us immediately, so we can recommend the best card access technology that is suitable for your own property.